Family Trivia Page - 2

Trivia Questions

Dashboard feature you'll wish you could turn back after taking an unauthorized spin

Name of the system that transmits to police in case of theft, introduced in Massachusetts in 1986

This part of the suspension comes in 3 types: coil, leaf & tension bar

If the car has a manual transmission, learn to do this to engage the lower gears on a hill

Now owned by Ford, this Swedish company is loosening up with its C70 convertible

She's Warren Beatty's big sister

Last name of actress Olympia, & her politician cousin Michael, whom she campaigned for in 1988

She's Virginia senator Charles Robb's famous mother-in-law

An "Insider" told us New Zealand cricket greats Jeff & Martin Crowe are cousins of this actor

Cuban hero Jose Marti was the grandfather of this actor who played the Joker on TV's "Batman"