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Trivia Questions

This river that rises at Lake Itasca drains about 1/8 of the North American continent

In Kansas more people live in this city than in Topeka & Kansas City combined

The 1842 Webster-Ashburton Treaty fixed this state's border with New Brunswick

The only state with areas that have a Mediterranean climate

The lower valley of the Susquehanna & its tributaries have created this large Atlantic bay

This western branch of the Appalachians runs from north central Penn. through MD., VA. & W. VA.

This 10-state region isn't flat; it rises from 2,000 ft. near Omaha to 6,000 ft. at Cheyenne

Longer than the Mississippi, this river wasn't made navigable until the 20th century

Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill are the 3 apexes of this state's famed Research Triangle

All of Connecticut's port cities are on this arm of the Atlantic