World Geography Trivia Page - 2

Trivia Questions

City that stands on the ruins of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec people

The highest airport in the world is Lhasa Airport in this country

The hot water heating of this northern European capital is drawn directly from underground springs

Abingdon, Windsor, Gravesend & Southend-On-Sea are on this European river

It's the lowest, flattest & smallest continent

Judas trees grow on the northern slopes of this country's Mount Carmel National Park & Nature Reserves

Kangaroo Island is the 3rd largest offshore island of this country

The southernmost glacier in Europe, the Calderone, is in this country's Apennine mountains

You'll find this city near the Oregon border in the state of Washington Washington

One of the world's best known beaches; it's in Honolulu County near Diamond Head