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Former 5 & 10¢ store which now also owns Kinney Shoes & The Foot Locker

On July 31, 1952, this former commander of U.N. forces in Korea became chairman of Remington Rand

Nicknamed "Bubble" & looking like a hot tub the Cray-2 is the world's fastest of these

Around 1930, she was the aviation editor of "Cosmopolitan"

This spaghetti "Chef" "pasta way" June 22, 1985

Passengers not doing this on Continental flights between Aug. 25 & Sept. 25, 1986 got 10% off their next flight

With money from making these, Seth Thomas built a cotton mill & a brass rolling factory

It may not be news to you, but this newsman emeritus is on the CBS board of directors

Founded in 1923 by brothers Henry, Hillel & Herman Hassenfeld, it began selling toys in 1943

In 1890, John M. Kohler heated a cattle trough & sprinkled it w/enamel powder to create his 1st of these

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