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His newspaper comedy column is called "Hello Dere"

His character in the new series "One Big Family" shares the name he was born with, Amos Jacobs

Upset over his playing a killer on "Columbo", one lady hit this "Mary Poppins" star with her purse

He can be found "Moonlighting" in commercials singing about wine coolers

He's stuck his nose into the race between Johnny & Joan with his own syndicated talk show, "Nightlife"

He recorded 2 Top 20 "Blues" hits with John Belushi: "Soul Man" & "Gimme Some Lovin'"

As attorney Peter Banning in "Hook", he protests, "I'm not a pirate! It so happens that I am a lawyer"

In 1997 this NBC host created a scholarship for McPherson College students enrolled in auto restoration

His 1994 movie debut, "The Santa Clause", "Hammered" the opposition & became the year's top comedy film

On "Saturday Night Live", he created the "Mahvelous" Fernando & an accident-prone masochist

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