Modern History Trivia Page - 2

Trivia Questions

In December 1989 U.S. troops launched Operation Just Cause to capture this Panamanian gen.

In 1945 he declared Indonesia's independence & became its first president

On July 27, 1953 the armistice to end this war was signed at Panmunjom

From 1931-33 excavations in this country uncovered the palaces of Kings Darius & Xerxes

In 1952 President Truman signed a G.I. Bill of Rights for veterans of this war

In February 1986 the Marcoses fled the Philippines & this dictator fled Haiti

In 1957 Sir Bernard Lovell built what was then the largest radio telescope in time to track this 1st satellite

From 1961-65 this revolutionary served as Cuba's Minister of Industry

In 1975 this Communist movement led by Pol Pot seized control of Cambodia

On Jan. 17, 1994 California was struck by one measuring 6.7; on Jan. 17, 1995 Kobe, Japan was hit by a 7.2