Modern History Trivia Page - 3

Trivia Questions

In 1967 a launch pad fire claimed the lives of Edward White, Roger Chaffee & this astronaut

Suleyman Demirel was premier of this country on 5 separate occasions before becoming president in 1993

In 1988 radio-carbon testing dated this holy cloth only to the Middle Ages

In 1969 after traveling about 2600 miles, he & his crew abandoned their Ra expedition

This ex-British PM announced in 1963 he wouldn't run again for Parliament, to which he was first elected in 1900

TMI can stand for "too much information" or for this, the site of the USA's worst commercial nuclear accident

A 1978 secession from India's Congress Party formed the Congress (I), with the I standing for her

In 1998 this former Chilean leader was arrested in London in connection with human rights abuses

Under a 1977 treaty, this zone reverted to Panama in 1979