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In a 1985 TV version of this classic tale, Jonathan played Humpty Dumpty

The aptly named Jonathan Winters narrated the cartoon special this snowman "Returns"

Last name of Winters' character known as Maude or Maudie

In 1999 the Kennedy Center awarded Jonathan Winters the prize named after this humorist

This comic who claims Winters as his mentor had Jonathan play his son on TV in 1981

In "Don Juan" he quipped, "The English winter -- ending in July, to recommence in August"

The record winter snowfall for a 24-hour period was 78 inches at "Mile 47 Camp" in 1963 in this U.S. state

The hard red winter type of this grain is planted in autumn & in late spring

The Old Farmer's Almanac says to count the bands on one of these "woolly" insects to see how hard winter will be

In the Northern Hemisphere, 1 of the 2 dates on which winter can begin

Winter Trivia


This is a game for two or more players that is played in a three-hour time period. The objective of the game is to answer trivia questions about winter. Players take turns asking each other questions, but if a player doesn't know the answer, they must drink the question. The first player to get to 20 points wins. How much do you know about winter? Trivia questions will test your knowledge of winter-related topics, including the following: -The average temperature in a major city in the United States during the winter -What is the largest source of natural gas in the United States -What is the national animal of Canada -What is the southernmost country in the world -The color of snow -The ice cream flavor with the most calories -What is the average height of a snowflake -What is the most popular flavor of hot cocoa mix -What is the name of the first ship to traverse the Northwest Passage -The country with the most snow on Earth -The average temperature in Canada during the winter How much do you know about winter? Test your knowledge with this trivia game!
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