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Trivia Questions

Actors should enjoy the Theater History Museum inside this Danish capital's Royal Court Theater

Pharaonic Village, which recreates life in ancient times, is on an island in this river

Portimao is one of the most visited fishing villages in this country's Algarve region

Want to ride an elephant in this country? Head for the Gokarna Safari Park east of Katmandu

A lot of visitors to this country fly LOT, its national airline, to cities like Poznan & Szezecin

The 625-foot-high Calgary Tower in this Canadian province features a revolving restaurant

Some tourists save money by staying at the Bangkok YMCA in this country

Some travelers hike the Inca Trail to get to Machu Picchu in this country

Westernland, not Frontierland, is the Old West-themed area of this Asian city's Disneyland

Retiro Park in this capital was once a private playground for the Spanish royal family