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Shopping for summer hats & handbags? Head for the Straw Market in Nassau in this island group

The Old Medina is the oldest section of this largest city in Morocco, sweetheart

Gastown, a popular area of this B.C. city, is named for saloonkeeper "Gassy" Jack Deighton

When in Prague, you can visit the chapel of this "Good King" of Christmas carol fame

Some visitors to this country drive the Trollstigveien -- Troll's Path -- to Geiranger Fjord

This Swedish capital has hotels named for Lord Nelson & his mistress, Lady Hamilton

Among the hotels with casinos in this city are Shepheard's, the Ramses Hilton & the Nile Hilton

Horseshoe Bay may be the most popular beach in this British colony in the Atlantic

Hua HIn is a favorite seaside resort of this country's ruling Chakkri family; their summer palace is there

A magnificent collection of gold & jewels is displayed in the Gold room in this St. Petersburg museum

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