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Phrase found in a Gene Vincent title before "A-Lula" & in a Ricky Nelson title before "Baby"

In '57 title, it's what Billy Williams sang he was "Gonna Sit Right Down &" do

[Audio] The following was 1 of his 4 Top 40 hits in the '50s with a girl's name in the title: Lucille, you won't do your sister's will? Oh, Lucille...

Diminutive Anthony Gourdine was the lead singer of this group

Tommy Edwards' "It's All in the Game" was knocked out of #1 by this Conway Twitty "It's Only..." song

"If your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye, it's no secret you'll feel better if you" do this

Rosemary Clooney's salutation to "You with the stars in your eyes"

In 1951, Jo Stafford announced "There's dancin; tonight" because these "is a-comin'"

Of Carl Perkins or Elvis, the one whose "Blue Suede Shoes" stepped higher on the charts

"Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you're this

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The game of 50s trivia is an entertaining game for two to four players. The game is a spin-off of a game played in the 1950s, but with a few more twists. This trivia game can be played with three different skill levels, each one with a different set of questions. The easy level is perfect for those who are just getting into the game. The medium level is for those who have a bit more experience with the game. The hard level is for those who are experts in the game. The game is played with a timer, a card deck, and a game board. Players have to answer 50 questions, which can be answered by either selecting the answer from the card deck or spinning the spinner on the board. Players must answer all of the questions in order to win the game.
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