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The "ship of the desert"

The children are poults, the mothers, hens & the fathers,toms

"Sly" creature sought by sportsmen riding to hounds

Floating sea creature named by sailors for the Iberian fighting ship it resembles

Name of the sport of hunting birds with other birds

They include killers, humpbacks & sperms

Scooby-Doo, Goofy & Pluto are cartoon versions

These rodents first got to America by stowing away on ships

"Eager" animal that symbolizes Canada

Tibetan ox used to carry travelers and mail

Animal Trivia

Animal trivia is a set of cards that contains various trivia questions and answers about animals. There are 100 cards in the set, with four of each question and answer. The set is perfect for both family and group game nights. Questions include "What animal is an endangered species?", "What animal has a pig's snout?", and "What animal can't you see?". What animal is the most venomous? A rattlesnake. What is the world's largest land animal? The African elephant. What animal is most likely to be found in a zoo? A tiger. What is the fastest animal on land? The cheetah. This trivia book has all the answers to the most interesting animal questions.
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