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5600-year-old samples of this "movie treat" have been found in New Mexico caves

Small cornmeal fritters supposedly tossed to dogs to make them quiet

Y'all can have these ground kernals boiled, baked, or fried for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Start by steeping, in a glass, crushed leaves in sugar syrup

Angel-food cake was supposedly created in the Missouri city

The Chicago version of this Italian-American dish is made in a 2-inch-deep pan

This sandwich named for its meat & dairy filling is a Philadelphia treat

Onions preserved this way can be eaten within days; okra should mellow for a few weeks

Pasta Fazool is an American colloquialism for pasta e fagioli, pasta & these

A pioneering jazz composer shares his nickname with this rich dessert

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Ever wondered what makes an apple pie? It's all in the crust. American Food trivia is a trivia app that has tons of questions about food and drink in the United States. This app will have you guessing which state is the capital of cranberry production, or who is the patron saint of farmers. With so many questions to answer, you'll be busy for hours! If you are looking for a board game that can be played by the whole family, this is the one for you. This game features trivia about American food. The game is for two to six players and the object is to collect points by answering trivia questions about food. You can play with friends or family members, and it is a great way to learn about American food and the history of it.
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