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The "Cuban" style of these shoe features came into style in the early 1900s

Popular in the 18th century, Watteau gowns were inspired by Jean Antoine Watteau, who was one of these

This turn-of-the-century "girl" wore a shortwaist dress with puffed sleeves & a Pompadour hairdo

This part of Princess Diana's wedding ensemble was 25 feet long

The patches European women wore on their faces in the 1600s were usually this color

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If you love fashion, then this is the game for you! Womens Fashion trivia has over 700 questions about women's fashion, from designers to designers. From what is the name of the American designer that founded the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation to what type of fabric is most commonly used in men's shirts, there is a question for everyone. In the categories of designers, fabric, fabrics, and fashion history, there are several multiple choice questions and each question has four possible answers. You can choose the answer you think is correct and you will receive feedback on your answer, as well as your score. You can also create your own custom quiz and see how well you know women's fashion. If you want to test your knowledge, try Womens Fashion trivia today!
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