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This classic seen here is planted firmly at No. 21

He directed 5 of the movies on the list including No. 9, "Schindler's List"

This 1972 movie is No. 3 on the list; its sequel is No. 32

This Oscar-winning western from 1992 rode in at No. 98 on the list

1 of only 2 animated films on the list

Marlon Brando is the U.S. Ambassador to an Asian country in this 1963 drama

A Russian immigrant mouse named Fievel Mousekewitz is the hero of this 1986 animated film

Newsweek called this 1999 film "This generation's 'Porky's'"

Michael Caine & Brendan Fraser starred in this 2002 remake based on a Graham Greene novel

Alan Ball won an Original Screenplay Oscar for this 1999 film

American Movies Trivia

This trivia game features questions about American movies. It has four different levels of difficulty and is designed for two to six players. When the British invaded America in the 1700s, they brought with them a tradition of storytelling called "Theaters." This tradition was gradually changed to "Movies" by the invention of the camera and projector. The first American film was called "The Great Train Robbery" and was released in 1903. The popularity of movies in America increased when the Hollywood film industry emerged. It quickly became the most powerful and profitable branch of the American entertainment industry. American Movies trivia The Hollywood film industry emerged in the early 1900s. The first American film was called "The Great Train Robbery" and was released in 1903.
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