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(Having been banished from the kitchen, Jimmy joins Alex at the TV.)Jimmy: While dinner is being fixed, Alex and I are watching this NFL team, that played more turkey day games than any other.Alex: They really miss Joe Schmidt & Alex Karras.

(Cheryl of the Clue Crew has dibs on a drumstick.) We should all give thanks to this U.S. president who proclaimed a national day of Thanksgiving in 1789

(Sarah brings in table decorations.) I'm decorating with a cornucopia inspired by the magical horn of Amalthea, who nursed this Greek god when he was a baby

(Sofia has some medical advice.) If we eat enough of these cranberries we won't get scurvy because they're chock full of this vitamin

Thanksgiving Trivia

Play this game with your family to make the holiday more memorable. Answer questions about history, geography, and culture, or enjoy a quiz about the pilgrims' first harvest. Test your knowledge of Thanksgiving trivia with this fast-paced, fun trivia game. For those who are not in the know, Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada. In Canada, it is called Thanksgiving Day. After Thanksgiving day world's biggest shopping festivals Black Friday and Cyber Monday come. The date of Thanksgiving varies from year to year and falls on the fourth Thursday of November. This year, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on November 23rd.

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