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Last name of the American artist who had artistic sons named Titian, Raphaelle & Rembrandt

Combining her love of flowers & the desert, she painted "Mule's Skull with Pink Poinsettias" in 1937

Renoir was born in this French city known for porcelain, & at age 13 he was a porcelain decorator

This artist, who lived in Arlington, Vermont, put himself in about 25 of his own works

Picasso painted lots of gloomy paintings from 1901-04, mostly in shades of this color

He said he ate the same soup for lunch for years; maybe that's why he painted soup cans

It was the last name of Mexican muralist Diego; we don't know if he was related to Geraldo

In 1901 he left Tahiti for the Marquesas Islands where he died in poverty in 1903

(VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE):The French impressionist who painted the following:("Jane Avril; Jardin de Paris")

He was the most famous artist born on the island of Crete

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N/A Think you know your favorite artist's back story? Think again. Discover some of the most interesting and little-known facts about the world's most famous artists. With the Artist Trivia game, you can test your knowledge of artists from all over the world. What do you know about Vincent Van Gogh? What about Pablo Picasso? Some of the questions in the game include: -What are the most famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh? -What year did Pablo Picasso die? -What is the name of the painting that is called "The Scream"? -What famous painting is called "Guernica"? -What year did Pablo Picasso start painting "Guernica"? -What are the three paintings that are in The Scream? -What is the artist's name that painted "The Great Wave off Kanagawa"? This trivia game tests your knowledge of artists from all over the world. The questions are easy to answer, but you might be surprised by some of the answers. You might also learn a few things about your favorite artists that you didn't know before.
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