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Hold on... ginger ale, grenadine & a cherry... there's no alcohol in this child star's drink!

There's something about this vodka, salt, tomato juice, tobasco, pepper, lemon juice & Worcestershire elixir

Mr. Keitel could appreciate this vodka, O.J. & Galiano concoction

"Tom" will pick up the check for this combo of gin, lemon juice, sugar, club soda, an orange slice & a cherry

Hold on... ginger ale or cola, grenadine & a cherry... there's no alcohol in this "Cowboy King"'s drink!





Kumis, first made from mare's milk, is cousin to this yogurt-like liquid originally made from camel's milk

Beverages Trivia

The day is finally here! The top 12 people from your office's annual game show, "Beverages Trivia," have been selected to compete for the coveted Beverages Trivia trophy. In a final round of elimination, the top three competitors have emerged: your coworker, Jessica, who is always seen drinking water, your boss, Phil, who has a reputation for drinking too much coffee, and you, the office "chugger." The trophy is only awarded to the person who drinks the most water in a day. It's the last day of the competition and you are in the lead with over five gallons of water. You're feeling confident that you'll be able to take home the trophy. Jessica has finished her water for the day and has no chance of winning. Phil is just starting his fourth cup of coffee. The only thing that could prevent you from winning is if Phil decides to drink water for the rest of the day. The battle between Phil and you is getting tense. You are trying to keep him away from the water cooler while he tries to keep you away from the coffee machine. As the day goes on, Phil is looking tired and you are feeling energized. Phil realizes that he can't win and concedes defeat. You win!
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