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On July 26, 1953 this future president & 150 followers attacked one of Cuba's major military bases

Cuba first came under Spanish control in this century

In 1875 this Tammany Hall boss escaped from jail in New York City & fled to Cuba

The unsuccessful attack on Cuba known as the Bay of Pigs invasion began on April 17th of this year

The Cuban mission known as Lookout Farm, or Finca Vigia, was home to this author from 1939 to 1960

Cuban History Trivia

Cuban History trivia This is a fun, fast-paced trivia game with more than 1,000 questions about Cuban history. The game includes four sets of cards, one for each of the four major periods of Cuban history: The Spanish colonial period, the Cuban War of Independence, the Cuban Revolution, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. 1. How many islands make up Cuba? 2. Who is the father of the Cuban revolution? 3. What year did Fidel Castro become president of Cuba? 4. What year did the United States boycott Cuban sugar? 5. What is the capital of Cuba? 6. What was the name of the boat that brought Fidel Castro to Cuba? 7. What was the name of the boat that brought Fidel Castro to Cuba? 8. What is the national sport of Cuba? 9. Who was the first president of Cuba? 10. What year did the United States boycott Cuban sugar?
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