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This 1971 Temptations hit was subtitled "Running Away With Me"

In 1976 this "wild" group topped both the Hot 100 & R&B charts with "Play That Funky Music"

In February 1975 this Scottish sextet's album "AWB" topped the charts

Michael McDonald co-wrote this band's hit "What A Fool Believes" with Kenny Loggins

This 1973 Carpenters hit begins, "When I was young I'd listen to the radio..."

1970s Pop Music Trivia

1970s Pop Music trivia is a fast-paced trivia game for 1-4 players. Players will be asked to answer a series of pop music trivia questions, but with a twist. To answer the question, players will have to press a button corresponding to the correct answer. This game is designed for people who love pop music from the 1970s and are looking for a trivia game that will be as fun as it is challenging. Is it true that you’ve never had the chance to be in the know about your favorite decade? Do you wish you could have been around for the music and fashion of the 1970s? If so, then 1970s Pop Music trivia is for you! 1970s Pop Music trivia is a collection of questions about the popular artists, songs, and music from the 1970s. From disco to punk, from Bob Dylan to Rod Stewart, this game has it all. For example, you might be asked to name the song that was played in the opening credits of the TV show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The answer is "Love Is All Around." You might be asked to name the song that was the theme song for the TV show, The Partridge Family. The answer is "I Think I Love You." You might be asked to name the artist that sang "My Sweet Lord." The answer is George Harrison.
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