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Their marriage in 1469 began the unification of nearly all of present-day Spain

This republic immediately preceded Hitler's 3rd Reich

This French city's Palace of the Popes was the center of Christianity for most of the 14th century

Of the Greek city-states, it was the 1st to raise a standing army

The ancient Romans called this land "Hibernia"

This small Iberian country became independent in 1143, so it's one of the oldest nations in Europe

She sidestepped her other suitors & married her own choice, Ferdinand of Aragon, in 1469

This Scottish queen's second husband, Lord Darnley, was also her first cousin

His family became Christian, but this Viking explorer nicknamed "the Red" remained a pagan

The name of this woman who was executed at Vincennes in 1917 became a synonym for a seductive spy

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What better way to test your knowledge of European History than with a trivia game? Whether you're a casual learner or a professional historian, this game will be a fun way to test your knowledge. Whether you're at home or in the classroom, the game is a great way to have fun while you learn. This European History trivia game is designed for players of all ages and levels of experience. There are over 400 questions, so it's a great way to brush up on your knowledge. Questions are broken down into various categories, including countries, regions, and people. Players can either play solo or in teams of two.
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