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Though Detective Pinkerton saved him once, he later became 1st assassinated president

1st president to refuse a 3rd term

Second U.S. president, he was the 1st defeated for re-election

When his wife woke him in 1893, fearing burglars in house, he said, "In the Senate maybe, not the House"

Because he said "Ich bin ein Berliner", not "Ich bin Berliner", it could have meant "I am a doughnut"

"Presidents come & go, but the court goes on forever", this massive Chief Justice said knowingly

"May none but honest & wise men ever rule under this roof", said this 1st occupant of the White House

In his farewell, he warned against the influence of "military-industrial complex"



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The facts and figures in this book are perfect for any presidential buff, and make for a great addition to any presidential library. This book includes trivia about the presidents and the White House, with facts on the American presidents and their families, and profiles of each president. It also includes a bibliography of presidential biographies. Who was the first president to be impeached? Bill Clinton. What president was the first to use a presidential veto? Andrew Jackson. What is the only president to be assassinated? Abraham Lincoln. Who was the youngest president? John F. Kennedy. Which president has the most children? Franklin D. Roosevelt.
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