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Teenagers' tooth wear or what the British call suspenders

Penitents once wore this rough cloth with ashes

"Edible" name for a double-breasted wool navy jacket

Howard Hughes designed a cantilevered one for voluptuous Jane Russell

Named for an island, these '50s shorts are fashionable again

Pattern design which came from the horse blankets of Richard Tattersall

"Foreign" name for the end of a sleeve folded back & fastened with a link

Until 19th c., ones made of chicken skin were worn by women to soften their hands

Breeches cut full above the knee used for horseback riding

Espadrilles, clogs & "tennies"

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Some people might think that the fashion industry is all about what’s new and on trend. But in reality, fashion has been around for centuries. The ancient Egyptians, for example, are thought to have worn clothes that were brightly colored and patterned. And the Romans, for their part, liked to adorn themselves with gold and silver. Fashion trivia can be a fun way to learn about the history of fashion. Fashion trivia is a new game from Oxford Games Limited. In the game, players will answer questions about the history of fashion. There are five different rounds, each of which has a different question category. In the first round, players will answer questions about fashion in Ancient Egypt. The second round asks questions about the Roman Empire. The third round asks questions about the Middle Ages. The fourth round asks questions about the Renaissance. And the fifth round asks questions about Modern Times. Fashion trivia is a game for two to six players, ages 10 and up. The game is played in five rounds. In each round, players will answer 10 questions, with a maximum of three questions per player. After each round, players will be awarded one point for each correct answer. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.
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