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In October 1986, she had 3 different fitness tapes on the top ten videocassette sales list

The "New Parent Fitness Plan" tells new mothers to work out using these as barbells

Am. Heart Assn. says those doing this have 2-4 times the risk of sudden cardiac death as those who don't

You can't be a "master" runner until passing this age hurdle

Experts say to pick a breakfast cereal that's low in sugar but high in this roughage

Having muscles & veins clearly visible, it's what body builders strive for, if you get my meaning

Those into pumping iron love to query competitors about their quads, muscles located here

To have a proper workout, one should break into this before the steam room

A runner's fatigue caused by glycogen depletion is called "hitting" this

Term for weights, like barbells & dumbbells, not attached to a machine

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