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In 1937, this singer & golf enthusiast put on the 1st celebrity pro-am match

Playboy asked this Australian golfer to pose in the buff, not in the rough

Stanford psychology grad who, in 1980, became 1st player to win over $½ million in 1 year

Archie, Edith, or a sand trap

In December 1985, Fuzzy Zoeller won $255,000 competing in this type of hole-by-hole contest

The PGA Tour's mobile fitness center has a lounge with a full line of vitamins & this "19th hole"

For an average golfer, it can achieve an initial speed of about 140 MPH

He won his 1st Masters at 23 & 23 years later won his 6th

At the 18th green, reporters may not disturb a player until he has done this

1 of 13 original members of World Golf Hall of Fame, he's won his native South African Open 13 times

Golf Trivia

Golf trivia is a fun way to enhance your golf knowledge while at the same time getting in some practice. The trivia comes in four different levels of difficulty, so you can tailor it to your skill level. The questions range from easy to hard, and the answer key is included. Do you know the difference between a bunker and a bunker shot? How about a spoon and a putter? How about a water hazard and a hazard? If you don't know the answers to these questions, then this book is for you. Inside you'll find 500 questions that will test your knowledge of golf terminology. And you don't have to worry about this book being too easy, because it's been written by the National Golf Foundation, who says that they make the test questions more difficult than what's actually asked on the PGA Tour. You'll find all the answers in the back of the book, so you can always check your work.
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