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Some locals eat a fruit called tuna; it's the home base of the Lima Times; llamas live there

Lots of Lutherans live there; its parliament is the Folketing; its royal library is in Copenhagen

Goat is served as an entree; Spanish Town is the former capital; it's home to the Reggae Sunfest

It's a republic; it's in Africa; it has a tusk material in its name

It grows a lot of barley; its national anthem is "Long Live The King"; it's ruled by the man seen here(King Hussein)

It's famous for its luxury hotels; it's on the Riviera; Princess Stephanie was born there

It has a tropical climate; its king is called the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong; there's a beautiful zoo near Kuala Lumpur

Sorghum is a major crop; the Zagwe dynasty once ruled it; Addis Ababa University is there

Conger eel is a taste treat; the cowboys are called huasos; its national congress is in Valparaiso

About one-sixth of its people were born elsewhere; watches are still made in Jura; yodeling is still popular

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