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City whose '74 & '75 NHL champs, the Flyers, were called the "Broad Street Bullies"

Demonic name of New Jersey's franchise

With over 3000 of these, Dave Williams holds an ignominious record

All-time great goalie Jacques Plante is also remembered for popularizing this piece of equipment

Edmonton struck oil when they signed him in 1978 at age 17

To figure out how many points a player has simply add these 2 totals

Bryan Trottier sparked this team to 4 Stanley Cup championships from 1980 through 1983

(Tie Domi and Alex Trebek pose together on the ice.) Any player who messes with me will deal with Tie Domi, who has this job--also the name of a "Dirty Harry" film

(Alex and Tie Domi of the Toronto Maple Leafs are both suited up and on the ice to play some hockey.) If Tie Domi crosses the blue line before I get the puck to him, we'll be guilty of this infraction

(Alex shuffles his hockey stick back and forth on the ice.) It's the 13 letter word for the skill I was just demonstrating (Mario Lemieux doesn't have to worry)

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