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It's traditional for the host to serve a meal called kaiseki before this ceremony

Tendon is a one-dish meal of rice topped with this mix of battered & fried seafood & vegetables

Surimi, meaning "formed fish", turns up in packages labeled this type of "crabmeat" & "lobster"

Before each bite of sukiyaki, some dip it into this, beaten & raw

The Japanese name for this flavor enhancer, also popular in Chinese cooking, is Aji-No-Moto

Umeboshi are plums that are pickled, not tickled, this color

Dashi-no-moto is the instant version of dashi; add water & you'll have this

Japanese Food Trivia

How much do you know about Japanese food? It is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, with an estimated 4.5 million restaurants in Japan alone. The average person in Japan eats out at least once a day, and there are more than one million people employed in the restaurant industry. In Japan, there are five major categories of restaurants: traditional Japanese restaurants, sushi restaurants, yakiniku restaurants, fast food restaurants, and izakaya restaurants. The traditional Japanese restaurant is a gathering place for family and friends. The average meal at a traditional Japanese restaurant will include many courses, including an appetizer, soup, main dish, and dessert. Sushi restaurants offer dishes that are served with rice and sushi. Yakiniku restaurants offer grilled meat dishes. Fast food restaurants offer pre-made dishes that are served in a hurry. Izakaya restaurants offer an assortment of dishes for a small fee. The menu at a traditional Japanese restaurant is made up of three different types of dishes: a main dish, a rice dish, and a soup. The main dish may be a fish or meat dish. The rice dish is usually a bowl of rice with some kind of toppings. The soup is usually miso soup or a clear soup. The menu at a sushi restaurant is made up of many different types of sushi dishes. There are two types of sushi: maki sushi and nigiri sushi. Maki sushi is made up of a small ball of rice and raw fish wrapped in seaweed. Nigiri sushi is made up of a small ball of rice topped with a slice of raw fish. The menu at a yakiniku restaurant is made up of grilled meat dishes, which are served with grilled vegetables and a bowl of rice. The menu at a fast food restaurant is made up of pre-made dishes that are served in a hurry. The menu at an izakaya restaurant is made up of an assortment of dishes for a small fee.
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