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These professional warriors wore 2 swords as a symbol of their caste

Upon his death in 1989, he had served as emperor 62 years, the longest reign in Japanese history

As a result of its 1904-1905 war with this country, Japan received control of Manchuria

In 1457 Ota Dokan built a castle on the present site of the Imperial Palace in this city

In the 13th C., Kublai Khan's invading navy was destroyed by a great storm later called this, or "divine wind"

Japanese History Trivia

Japanese History trivia is a collection of interesting facts about the Japanese people and their culture. In this quiz, you'll find questions about what Japanese emperors were considered the most influential, how to say "good morning" in Japanese, and what is the most popular dish in Japan. Who is the longest reigning emperor in Japanese history? The longest reigning emperor in Japanese history is Emperor Kammu. He ruled from 781 to 806 AD. What is the Japanese word for "good morning"? The Japanese word for "good morning" is ohayou gozaimasu. What is the most popular dish in Japan? The most popular dish in Japan is sushi.
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