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In 1998 November 1 is a Sunday; therefore, this date will be election day for Congress

Some believe 1998 signals the end of the world because 1998 is 3 times this number

This ex-president turns 74 on October 1, 1998

May 14, 1998 marks the 50th anniversary of this nation's independence; Mazel Tov!

1998 marks the centennial of this U.S. war

Tickets for her MGM Grand concert range from $500 to $2500 each

At the Pasadena Civic Auditorium 2000 guests will see Disney's Y2K update of this 1940 animated classic

This pop star's set to do her last show before taking her sabbatical in Montreal

Plans are to turn this Seattle landmark into a 605-foot Roman candle

You can waltz in the year 2000 at the Imperial Ball in this city's Hofburg Palace

New Years Trivia

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