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A rectifier is an electrical device used to convert alternating current to this

On Earth, it's the major force responsible for the weight of a body

At 15 on the modified Mohs' scale, this substance still has the highest hardness number

Abbreviated "P", this element comes in red, white, & black forms

The 2 subatomic particles in an ordinary hydrogen atom

Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, or a term for what holds 2 or more atoms together in a compound

Data from resistivity gauges, gravimeters, & creep meters are being used in efforts to predict these

This element no. 16, is always found near volcanoes, bringing true meaning to "fire & brimstone"

Devised by Alessandro Volta, the "voltaic pile" was the earliest one of thise

This era, the age of mammals, represents less than 1 percent of geologic time

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