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On October 31, 1938 he expressed "deep regret" for shocking the nation with his radio broadcast the night before

This prime minister was assassinated by one of her own security guards October 31, 1984

George Dufek became the first American to land here on October 31, 1956

Poet born October 31, 1795; his parents may have found him "a joy forever"

After what he did October 31, 1517 the Wittenberg Palace Church may have had to put up a "Post No Theses" sign

On Oct. 31, 1984 this prime minister was assassinated by 2 Sikh bodyguards

"I will never return to the United States", declared this ex-marine to Russian reporters on Oct. 31, 1959

On Oct. 31, 1754 George II granted a charter to King's College in New York City, now known as this university

With help from the British & the French, Israeli forces occupied this peninsula Oct. 31, 1956

It became a state Oct. 31, 1864, five years after people noticed it was "loded" with silver

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Halloween trivia is a collection of facts about the holiday that most people may not know. This trivia book has information about everything from the origins of the holiday to the origins of some of the symbols that are associated with it. This book is perfect for those who want to learn more about the holiday, as well as those who are looking for a good book to read. Do you have a passion for Halloween? Do you love to tell people about the different stories and history behind the holiday? Do you want to keep the conversation going with a new and fun way to discuss Halloween? If so, this is the perfect product for you! This Halloween trivia game is full of questions that will challenge your knowledge and skills on all things Halloween. This game is perfect for friends, family, or even co-workers.
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