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1951:Professor Jacob Barnhardt,Gort,Klaatu

1999:Agent Smith,Morpheus,Cypher

1968:Astronauts Frank Poole,Heywood Floyd &Dave Bowman

1968:Taylor,Cornelius,Dr. Zaius

1984:Kyle Reese,Sarah Connor,Dr. Peter Silberman

Sci-fi Movie Trivia

The Sci-fi Movie Trivia Game will test your knowledge of the science fiction genre and its films. For example, one question might be, "In which movie does the main character's mother die?" and the answer is The Matrix. This game is perfect for a family game night or movie night with friends. It's the year 20XX. You've spent your life watching Sci-Fi movies, reading comics, and playing video games. Now you're finally old enough to attend a Sci-Fi Convention! You've been waiting for this day for years, and now you're about to make your first purchase. What should you buy? The Science Fiction Trivia Game! The Science Fiction Trivia Game is a fast-paced game of knowledge and trivia. The game includes more than 100 questions about Science Fiction movies, comics, and video games. Each card in the game has a question about a different Sci-Fi topic. Players take turns reading the question and answering it. The first player to get the answer right wins the card. This game is great for all Sci-Fi fans, regardless of age. The game is perfect for family game night, dorm rooms, or parties. You can play with 2-6 players and has a suggested age range of 8+.
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