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The first chapter of "Little Women" says this girl is 15 years old, "very tall, thin and brown" with "a comical nose"

When Antonia Shimerda is introduced in this novel, she's "a girl of fourteen" with curly, wild-looking hair

This Bronte novel says of Cathy, "At fifteen she was the queen of the country-side; she had no peer"

Chapter 2, part 4 of this Pasternak novel tells us "Lara was only a little over sixteen but she was well developed"

When this Jane Austen novel begins, Elinor Dashwood, the eldest daughter, is "only nineteen"

Mick Kelly is a gangly teenager who befriends the mysterious Mr. Singer in this Carson McCullers novel

Flirtatious 15-year-old Lydia Bennet elopes with Mr. Wickham in this Jane Austen classic

Thinking home is no "paradise", Cathy fakes her own death & runs away in this classic Steinbeck novel

As a teen, this brooding Bronte hero displays "An almost idiotic excess of unsociable moroseness"

Joel Knox is the teenage hero of this "In Cold Blood" author's novel "Other Voices, Other Rooms"

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Teens In Literature trivia is a trivia game for players ages 12 and up. Players will compete to answer questions about literature written for teens. Questions will range from easier to more difficult, with the questions getting more difficult as the game progresses. There are over 100 questions in the game, and questions are grouped by genre. This game is a great way to keep your brain sharp and learn about new books while playing a fun game. Teens In Literature trivia is a fun, informative, and insightful game that includes the literary genre of young adult fiction. The game has a variety of questions, including genres, themes, and authors. With so many books to choose from, this game is perfect for readers of all ages.
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