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Our word juggernaut comes from the name of a god equated with Vishnu in this religion

The name of this Haitian folk religion comes from the African word "vodun", a god or spirit

The members of this college serve as the pope's chief advisers

The first of the Ten Commandments begins with these 6 words

This title means enlightened one in Sanskrit

In this religion, the devil is called Iblis, or "al-Shaitaan"

Xochiquetzal was the goddess of beauty of this Mexican civilization

Meaning "disciple", this is a follower of Guru Nanak & his successor gurus

His book "Dianetics" gave rise to the Church of Scientology

Hawaii's second-largest island is named for this Polynesian demi-god

World Religion Trivia

The world is a fascinating place with so many religions, histories, and traditions. What do you know about world religions? "What do you know about world religions?" - World Religion Trivia is a fun and educational trivia game that allows players to test their knowledge of the world's major religions. Test your knowledge of the world's major religions with World Religion Trivia! The trivia game consists of 120 different cards with questions about the beliefs, practices, history, and holidays of more than a dozen religions. Play the game with friends and family, or use it as a solo game to keep your mind sharp. For ages 12 and up.
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