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Tim Burton, director of the 1989 smash about this comic book hero, also co-produced the 1992 sequel

Julia Phillips was the first woman producer to win a Best Picture Oscar, for this 1973 con game film

Albert R. Broccoli produced 17 James Bond films & this kids' movie also based on an Ian Fleming book

He acted opposite Mary Pickford before starting the Keystone Company to produce comedies

The G in MGM, he was excluded from the 1924 deal forming that company

Movie Producers Trivia

Some of the most successful movie producers in Hollywood history have gone on to produce some of the most famous movies of all time. What does it take to become a successful movie producer? Most movie producers are college graduates with a degree in film, communications, or theater. Producers are not usually required to have a specific major in order to be successful, but having a background in film and theater can give you an edge. Whether you're a film buff or a movie producer, this game is for you! The Movie Producers trivia game is a fun and challenging game for any age. This game will test your knowledge of films, directors, actors, and producers. With 1,000 questions and a 15-minute timer, this game is the perfect time killer.
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