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Yup, in this film Gary Cooper played the explorer whose name gets shouted out in pools worldwide

In the 1960 version, Jim the runaway slave was played by boxer Archie Moore

Elementary, my dear Watson! It's a 1939 movie starring Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce

1948 film about a legendary lover played by legendary lover Errol Flynn

The title character of this 1984 movie was a rock star, brain surgeon, & nuclear physicist

Adventure Movies Trivia

How many of these adventure movies have you seen? In what year did Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark come out? What is the name of the actor who played the part of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean? Did you know that National Treasure was based on a book? If you enjoy these adventure movies, you'll love this trivia game! Answer questions about movies like Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pirates of the Caribbean, and National Treasure to earn points. Once you answer enough questions, you'll be able to use your points to get rewards like movie tickets and popcorn.
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