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The leading coffee growing country in the world

Nation that consumes about 1⁄3 of all coffee grown

An average tree produced only enough of these yearly to make about 1½ lbs. of coffee

This stimulant can be removed with water or a solvent such as methylene chloride

Seattle-based Starbucks Coffee was named for the first mate in this Melville work

The Kona district of this U.S. island produces a prized variety of coffee

This type of coffee, or coffee/chocolate flavoring, is named for the port of Al Mukha in Yemen

Type of instant made by turning brewed coffee to ice & drawing off the crystals

Java is a synonym for coffee; a high-grade bean also comes from this next most populous Indonesian island

The flavorful coffee beans from this country are grown at high altitudes near Nairobi

Coffee Trivia

Coffee trivia The coffee bean is actually a seed, and coffee is made from roasted coffee beans. There are two different species of coffee plants: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is more popular and has a smoother taste. A coffee plant is actually a tree that produces berries. Coffee plants are harvested twice a year, in March and September. Coffee beans are actually the seeds of the coffee plant. Coffee beans are usually roasted to make coffee. How much do you know about coffee? It is a beverage that many people drink on a daily basis. It is a staple in the United States and many other countries. Coffee is made from the roasted seeds of the coffee plant. The most popular form of coffee is ground coffee. The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that can be addictive. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Coffee has been around for centuries. The earliest record of coffee is from around 850 AD. The first coffee was drunk by an Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi. Kaldi was herding his goats and noticed that they were becoming more active after eating the red berries from a certain tree. He tried some of the berries himself and noticed the same effect. Coffee has been a staple in the United States since its introduction in the 1700s. One of the most popular coffee shops in the world is Starbucks. The first Starbucks opened in Seattle, Washington in 1971. Coffee trivia is a great way to test your knowledge about this popular beverage.
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