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"When you have excluded the impossible" Holmes said, "whatever remains, however improbable, must be" this

This suave Brit played a psychiatrist with a nubile young daughter in the 1968 farce "The Impossible Years"

Jesus said, "If you have" this, "nothing will be impossible unto you"

Lewis Carroll's White Queen said of this girl's age, she "believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast"

The quote: "In two words: Im-possible" is attributed to this legendary Hollywood mogul

Impossible Trivia

The impossible trivia game is a guessing game with three different difficulty levels. It's perfect for families, parties, and a night in with friends. You and your friends can play together or individually. In each round, the cards are placed face down and the first player turns over two cards and tries to guess what they have in common. If they guess correctly, they get to keep the cards. If they guess incorrectly, the next player takes a turn. When the deck is gone, the player with the most cards wins.
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