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Once known for its bib overalls, this 2-word Wisconsin firm is now a leader in casual clothes for kids

In 1962 the Dayton Company hit the bull's-eye when it opened the first of these discount stores

The first brand of frozen orange juice concentrate undoubtedly took more than 60 seconds to develop

Johnson & Johnson has been "stuck on" this product for 85 years

In 2006 Research In Motion settled its patent lawsuit with NTP over this portable wireless communications device

American Business Trivia

This is a trivia game that allows you to test your knowledge of American Business. The game includes five rounds with twenty questions each. The questions range from easy to difficult and all include helpful hints. The game is perfect for those who are looking for a way to sharpen their business knowledge or for those who want to brush up on their knowledge. Do you know the year that America's first billion-dollar company was founded? In 1872, a little company called Standard Oil was founded. Or what about the first billion-dollar company in the world? In 1899, a little company called Royal Dutch Shell was founded. And what about the first billion-dollar company in the United States? In 1879, a little company called U.S. Steel was founded. America's first billion-dollar company was founded in 1872. In 1879, U.S. Steel became the first billion-dollar company in the United States. The world's first billion-dollar company was founded in 1899. And the world's first billion-dollar company in the United States was founded in 1872. American Business trivia is a collection of trivia questions about the history of American business.
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