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In the late '30s this Spaniard began painting in a more academic style & was expelled by the Surrealists

This pop artist & filmmaker appeared on the television program "The Love Boat"

Wassily Kandinsky joined Gropius at this design school in 1922 & remained there until 1933

"Inside the Bar, Tynemouth" shows this Maine-based artist's mastery of the watercolor medium

After assaulting a fellow knight, Caravaggio fled this island

It's a nuclear power's capability of a preemptive attack, or one-third of an out in baseball

Made by Raytheon, these antimissile missiles intercepted scuds in the Gulf War

In the 1930s, France built this elaborate barrier as a permanent defense against German attack

It's a trademarked chemical tear gas, or a heavy club with a spiked metal knob

The B-29s that dropped atomic bombs on Japan were made by this Seattle-based company

Art Trivia

The game of art trivia is a fun way to brush up on your art knowledge. With over 1,000 questions about artists, art movements, famous works of art, and more, this game is perfect for any budding art enthusiast. What is the first question on the trivia card? Which artist was commissioned to paint the mural in the Hall of Records in the City of New York? This is a question about Diego Rivera. Looking for a new way to learn about art? Art trivia is a fun and educational way to learn about art history. This book has a range of topics from art history to modern art. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to learn about art, this book is for you.
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