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Yankee shortstop Bucky Dent helped win the 1978 pennant for the Yankees with a playoff home run at this park

In a 1917 game Fred Toney & Hippo Vaughn both pitched these for 9 innings; Vaughn cracked in the 10th

In 2004 this team led by manager Bobby Cox won its remarkable 13th straight division title

Tom Connolly & Bill Klem, "The Old Arbitrator", were the first men to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame as these

Many balls have gotten lost in this, originally planted along Wrigley Field's outfield walls by Bill Veeck in 1937

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The Baseball History trivia is a fast-paced trivia game for baseball fans of all ages. Questions are categorized by the year in which the event happened. There are two versions of the game, one for two players and one for four players. In the two player game, one player reads the question and the other player answers. In the four player game, the first player reads the question and each player answers in turn. There are 200 questions in the game, which can be played over three hours. The Baseball History trivia is a great game for a family night or party with friends.
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