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On "The Beverly Hillbilles" this cantankerous character's real name was Daisy Moses

On "Matt Houston", Matt was short for this, also the last name of a lawyer played by Andy Griffith

Beatrice is the middle name of this mystery writer played by Angela Lansbury

On "Bonanza" Eric Cartwright, whose mother was Scandinavian, was nicknamed this, Norwegian for "good luck"

Geordi LaForge, whom he played on "Star Trek: TNG", was named for a handicapped "Star Trek" fan who died in 1975

She's the middle of the 3 "Simpsons" kids

Calista Flockhart's quirky attorney character who's been known to dance with a baby

Daphne Moon is the woman Niles Crane moons over on this sitcom

Rachel Blanchard as Cher is the way cool trendsetter at Bronson Alcott High on this comedy

Jim Bakker's ex-wife Tammy Faye showed up on "The Drew Carey Show" as this character's mother

Tv Characters Trivia

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