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King John's failure to honor this document in 1215 led to a rebellion by the barons

In the 1560s, Richard Davies, Bishop of St. David's, helped translate the New Testament into this language

The title "Defender of the Faith" was first bestowed upon this king in 1521 by Pope Leo X

Her 63-year reign over England was the longest of any British monarch

The Treaty of Bretigny in 1360 brought a brief period of peace during this war

This monarch on whom the Magna Carta was forced has been called "the worst king ever to rule England"

He was 65 when he began his term as prime minister May 10, 1940

Laws of 1911 & 1949 left this upper house of Parliament with only delaying powers

World condemnation made the 1956 British-French occupation of this canal a disaster

8th C. King Offa built a 170-mile north-south dike that still partly marks the border of England & this country

British History Trivia

This trivia game will test your knowledge of British History! From Henry VIII to Queen Victoria, this game has it all. Answer questions like: -What is the name of the last British monarch to be executed? -What are the two most popular English monarchs? -Who is the father of King Henry VIII? The game is perfect for parties, classrooms, and more! The first book written in English, Beowulf, was written in England. What other English speaking countries have written books? Scotland Ireland Canada Australia England New Zealand India These are just a few of the countries that have written books in English. The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. There are more than 400 million native speakers of English.
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