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In 1502, on his fourth voyage, he landed at what is now Trujillo, Honduras

In 1889 this country became a republic when Pedro II gave up his throne

In 1970 he became the first democratically elected Marxist to head a nation in the Western Hemisphere

General Alfredo Stroessner ruled this South American country with an iron hand for 35 years, 1954-1989

In 1519, when Cortes entered the capital then called this, many believed he was a god

Latin American History Trivia

The Latin American History trivia game is a fun way to test your knowledge of the many countries in Latin America. It includes 50 questions and a pencil, and can be played with 2-4 players. Languages, dialects, and cultures change over time. But what happens when a language changes and the culture changes at the same time? Latin American History trivia is a board game that explores this question. The game was designed to help players learn about the different Latin American cultures, the linguistic changes that have occurred, and the reasons for these changes. The game starts with a basic introduction to Latin American history. The players are then given a series of questions about different topics in Latin American history. Players must answer the questions correctly in order to continue playing. The game board is made up of squares that represent the different topics. Players advance their pieces on the board by answering questions correctly. Players can also earn "passports" by answering questions correctly. Passports allow players to jump to other squares on the board. In order to answer the questions, players need to know about Latin American history. They need to know about the different countries in Latin America, the different languages spoken in Latin America, and the different dialects spoken in Latin America. The game was designed to help players learn about these things. Latin American History trivia is a board game that helps players learn about Latin American history.
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