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In 1980 BBC production of this Shakespeare play “Monty Python's” John Cleese played Petruchio

[Audio DD] Man usually being chased to the following: (Opening to “Yakety Sax” played)

Yelling “I am not a number, I am a free man”, this actor was #6 on “The Prisoner”

Each week when Roger Moore looked up at beginning of “The Saint” this appeared above his head

Scooter's uncle “owned” the theater from which this American group did their “Show” shot in London

In the Avengers episode "The Forget-Me Knot", she was replaced by Tara King

Its 1982 sequel was "Smiley's People"

"Steptoe & Son", a series about a rag & bone man & his exasperating old dad, became this in the U.S.

"Life is hard, then you die", is the motto of this NYC cop paired with Harriet Makepeace in London

In this 1971 series, Glenda Jackson ruled England & the TV screen

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