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It's not cloudbursts in the skull, but shared problem solving in which everyone contributes ideas

It's the name for the brain-wasting cattle infection that crippled the British beef industry in 1996

Examples of these pains in the brain include the cluster & tension varieties

This Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character once remarked "A man's brain originally is like a little empty attic"

It does "matter" that you give us this colorful slang term for the brain

"Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut" if you hunger for this bar

Featuring crisped rice in creamy milk chocolate, it's Nestle's "loud" bar

The only candy bar named after an Alexandre Dumas novel

It's the "Great American Chocolate Bar"

You might want to keep both hands on this "crispety, crunchety, peanut buttery bar"

Candy Trivia

Who can resist candy? Especially chocolate! It is one of the most popular sweets and has been around for a long time. Chocolate was discovered by the ancient Aztecs in the 1500s. The Aztecs mixed cocoa beans with water and spices to make a bitter drink. The drink was so bitter that they mixed it with sugar to make it more appealing. The cocoa beans were then mixed with cornstarch and sugar to make a type of paste that was later called chocolate. So, what do you know about candy? Do you know what M&M stands for? How about how much sugar is in a Hershey Kiss? What about how many calories are in a Snickers bar? What about how many calories are in a Snickers bar? If you want to find out more about candy, then this book is for you! This book is packed with everything you need to know about candy. It includes the history of candy, the different types of candy, the best way to store candy, and even recipes for making your own candy.
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