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Though about 50,000 of these storms occur daily worldwide, in U.S., they occur mainly in spring & summer

Cocozell, patty pan & yellow crookneck

Date you arrive in New Zealand if your itinerary says you land in Auckland the last day of their summer

1982 Woody Allen movie whose title suggests he had a little help from Shakespeare

1 of 2 Spinks brothers to win boxing gold medals at the 1976 games

On July 28, 1996 the USA's Charles Austin set the Olympic record in this event with a leap of 7' 10"

In 1976 Hungary's Miklos Nemeth threw this farther than any field apparatus in Olympic history -- 310' 4"

Then with the Phoenix Suns, he was a member of the USA's "Dream Team" in both 1992 & 1996

In 1984 he became the first man in 56 years to win the springboard & platform diving events in one Olympics

The "list" of this director's awards includes Germany's National Medal of Merit given in 1998

Summer Trivia

Bringing the fun of summer into your home year-round, this puzzle features your favorite summer things! You can piece together this puzzle with all the summer items that you love. Start with the sun, then add a beach ball, a hamburger, a lemonade, a volleyball, and more. Your family will love the fun of this puzzle and all the summer memories it brings back. Who doesn't love a good trivia game? The game that comes with this package is perfect for summer. It has 100 questions, and while they're not all about summer, they are all fun. Some of the questions are about the summer Olympics, some are about the history of summer vacations, and some are about summer celebrities. The questions are all trivia, so it's great for people of all ages.
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