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To brush melted mutter on the Thanksgiving turkey at regular intervals

To brown a piece of meat & then simmer it in small amount of liquid in covered pan

From French "to make white", it's to boil food for a short time

Adding hot or tangy seasonings to food, it's Satan's favorite method of cooking ham or eggs

To cook food in liquid just below the boiling point, it's a way to pamper you eggs

The name of this French dish means "pot on the fire"

This beef stroganoff ingredient can be "sour" or "whipping"

To make chicken a la this, you usually need mushrooms & pimientos

Quite simply, this is melted butter with the sediment removed

This ground beef dish was named for J. Salisbury, a physician who advocated dietary reform

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Cooking trivia is a game for the kitchen. This game is designed to bring together the chef and the foodie in all of us. You will be faced with a challenge of identifying the different types of vegetables, fruits, or meat that are on the cards. This game is perfect for those who love to cook and those who are in the process of learning to cook. What's the difference between a fricassee and a casserole? What's the difference between a soufflé and a sponge cake? How do you cook rice without it sticking to the bottom of the pan? These are just a few of the questions answered in Cooking Trivia, the fun and informative cookbook that is sure to entertain and educate. Covering everything from kitchen basics to the different types of cooking techniques, Cooking Trivia is the perfect addition to any kitchen.
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