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You'll have better living through Robert Boyle, known by some as the father of this

If you can "Field" this response you'll know he was the father of the Brooklyn Dodgers

"Birds" brain who's known as the father of comedy

Sam Houston & Stephen Austin are both called the father of this; let's have a paternity test

Cosimo de Medici, Andrea Doria & George Washington share this sobriquet

Sam Ealy Johnson, Jr.

Benjamin Harrison V

Theodore Roosevelt

William Jefferson Blythe III

Leslie Lynch King

Fathers Day Trivia

The best way to celebrate Father's Day is to learn some fun facts about him. In this set of trivia cards, you'll find 20 questions that are easy to answer. You'll also find 20 questions that are a little more difficult. Have fun with this trivia game and find out some new things about your dad. It's Father's Day! Celebrate your dad with this trivia game. The cards are all trivia questions about dads, their kids, and the relationships between them. It's a great way to bond with your dad and spend some quality time together. Questions are grouped by categories like "Family Matters," "Dads and Their Kids," and "Fathers and Their Children."
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